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days of yore

i’ve been a blogging addict for a really long time. in 2002, I had a “diaryland” online diary. this was before they were even called “blogs.” A couple years later, I got a “livejournal” online journal, because that’s where the cool people were. Then, in college, I got a “Xanga.” After that, it was wordpress which has been really good to me.

Anyway, all that boring jibber jabber was just to say that today, I looked at my old Xanga, and found this quiz that I had made up for myself to answer. I’m going to practice some vulnerability here and show it to you, but PLEASE. remember that I wrote this a long time ago. For real. Here Goes:

“everyone does these lame surveys on myspace, like “wutz ur fave color?” and “do u like sum1?!?!?!” so i decided to make one of up of my own.  it’s equally lame, but if you would like to fill out the answers and post it in your own xanga or blogging device, feel free to do so.

1. What shampoo do you use? -Redken “fresh curls”

2. What food, thinking back on it, would you puke your guts out rather than eating again? -Chili Cheese Fries from Dirty Martin’s

3. Even though you’re a really nice, self respecting girl, in what way are you a little slutty? -I really like to wear low cut tops.

4. Honestly, do you really like the crappy band U2? (if you say yes, your computer will be immediately detonated, so please answer properly) -HECK NO

5. Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton? -nicole richie

6. Chubby Nicole Richie or Skinny Nicole Richie? -umm, i choose chubby. i choose skinny. i choose both.

7. If you could vote for one person in all the world (dead or alive) to be President of The United States, who would it be? -Christopher Walken of course.  Oh or Kurt Vonnegut. I chose two, so sue me it’s my quiz.

8. We all have a nick name that we secretly wish people would call us, but nobody does and we’re too ashamed to bring it up with our friends.  What’s yours? -Lady Marmalade. just kidding. pocahantas. or tomcat.

9. Are you going to spank your kids? -probably, i am pretty abusive.

10. Have you ever met anyone famous? If so, then who? -Andy Roddick, Michael Phelps (sorta, long story), and myself

11. How’s your handshake? -Pretty firm for a girl. I’ve been complimented on it before.

12.  Do you ever make music videos? Do you have any ideas for a new one? -What a coincidence that you would ask that, random quiz! Yes I DO make music videos, and I DO have a new idea! it came to me this morning in the car, it’s to a gorillaz song.  Now all i have to do is find someone to cooperate and make this video with me.

13.  What commercials are the funniest? -The Sonic ones. “we just know that we like it, and that it goes well with the choc-o-late”

14.  If you were a Disney character, who would you be? -Well, i’d like to say pocahantas because she’s my favorite, but more likely snow white because i am just so obsessed with animals.

15. What makes you laugh the hardest? -there are 2 things: (1) when people fall.  sometimes i’ll imagine potential situations where someone in my vicinity could slip and fall, and it’s hard not to laugh even then. and (2) when my niece throws fits.  i dont know what’s so funny about it. ”

not sure why those were the things I wanted people to know about me, but here’s to keepin’ it real.

Kelsey May