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Explanation for my bad behavior, and GPOYW

Wow, that was an unplanned hiatus.

I had so many big plans, including dressing Waffles up for Easter and putting him in a basket with colored eggs.

I still might do that, because honestly it doesn’t really need to be Easter for that to happen, am I right?

I can’t even remember the last time I cooked. (Luke, I’m Sorry!)

I started a new job, one that I am LOVING! I’m so busy though, and exhausted at the end of the day. So as soon as I get into the routine of things, I will start posting more.

For now, I’ll give you this, even though it’s pretty stingy:

I had my hair colored blonde today by a serious  hair genius. I’m way happier about it than I look in this picture… I’m really unsure why I look like that. Apparently, I can’t be bothered to smile when I’m taking a picture of myself to see what my hair looks like.

Anyway, don’t forget about me! I haven’t forgotten about you. Maybe some of you can give me some money, and then I’ll stay home and dedicate myself to yummy food and social networking.

I love you.

Kelsey May


GPOYW 4.20.2011

haha, wow.

don’t let this ruin your nap.

happy wednesday.

p.s. as i am posting this, i am simultaneously regretting it.

GPOYW 4.13.2011

i’m so serious right now
(really, that’s as serious as I can possibly get for a picture that i’m taking of myself for no reason other than just to take a picture of myself)

p.s. all i can see is that tuft of misplaced hair on the left, and the eyebrow that needs a combing on the right. oh, and of course the ever present big nose pixie cut.

GPOYW 3.30.2011

Bed Head.

GPOYW 3.16.2011

Today’s GPOYW is brought to you by my personal issues. Here I am, in all my straight nosed glory, confronting them head on.

suck it, google searchers.

p.s. photo editing iphone apps are SO FUN.

GPOYW 3.9.2011


Question: Why don’t my eyes have pupils?

I can only associate this with the book A Wrinkle In Time by Madeline L’Engle. The part where the sweet little brother gets… what? possessed? and his pupils disappear.

And yes… it does feel like too much energy to smile for these macbook pictures.

New recipe coming later today.

GPOYW 3.2.11

I just realized that I’m eligible to participate in GPOYW.

Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday.

It’s a real thing that attention seeking bloggers all over the world do.

Today’s GPOYW is brought to you by my chubby wrists.  I mean seriously, look at them. I’m just like a dachshund puppy.

Kelsey May