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One Year Bebe

Sunday was our one year anniversary. Talk about a milestone, baby! I kind of walked around in a state of euphoria all day. Without much planning or effort from us, our one year anniversary date turned out to be the best date we’ve ever been on. Want the rundown? Of course you do. And even if you don’t, I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading and re-reading it when my mind is too old to remember it on its own.

We slept in, then drove down to The Woodlands for our date. We had lunch at P.F. Chang’s, and our waiter was totally the nicest guy. He was so excited that it was our anniversary. He had just gotten engaged, so we spent a lot of time talking about his future wedding, and about what’s gotten us through our first year. After we were done with lunch, our waiter gave us mixed berries and champagne (which, incidentally, was Luke’s first sip of alcohol, on our wedding day). So sweet.

Traditonally, a first anniversary gift is supposed to be of paper, so we gave each other cash. I saved the cash that I had gotten for Christmas, and we split it between us and went shopping. Luke got fitted for his perfect golf clubs, and we both got some awesome clothes.

For dinner, we went to Papadeaux, which is where we went for my birthday and for his. We’re creatures of habit. Our waiter, again,  was SO nice, and was also happy for us on our anniversary. Honestly, I had not expected people to really care that it was our anniversary, but they totally do. We were having a lovely time, Luke eating his lobster bisque and I eating my beefsteak tomato salad (which Luke was SHOCKED did not have beef in it, ho ho ho), when the table next to us kind of erupted in drunken anger. Apparently, the girl next to us, who was definitely intoxicated, wasn’t happy with her crawfish. The guy with her asked her to be a little more quiet, and she burst into angry tears. Then she went to the bathroom, came back and SCREAMED, “F*** OFF! F*** OFF! IS THAT QUIET ENOUGH FOR YOU?!!?” And then spent the rest of dinner bawling. I’m sure it was horrible for that guy, but for us, it was just kind of mildly amusing and weird. Once they had gotten their ticket and left the restaurant, the manager came out to apologize to us. We weren’t upset at all, and we told him that, and he said that even so, he wanted to take care of our meal for us. Um, what?! I may have started crying and shaking his hand. ha. When your marriage is one year old, and you’re poor and using your Christmas money for gifts and food, and you have just completed what is for most people the most challenging year of your life together, stuff like that is truly awesome.

And as Luke loves to say, “Here’s to at least… I dunno, 3 more years.” 🙂

Love, Kelsey May


Explanation for my bad behavior, and GPOYW

Wow, that was an unplanned hiatus.

I had so many big plans, including dressing Waffles up for Easter and putting him in a basket with colored eggs.

I still might do that, because honestly it doesn’t really need to be Easter for that to happen, am I right?

I can’t even remember the last time I cooked. (Luke, I’m Sorry!)

I started a new job, one that I am LOVING! I’m so busy though, and exhausted at the end of the day. So as soon as I get into the routine of things, I will start posting more.

For now, I’ll give you this, even though it’s pretty stingy:

I had my hair colored blonde today by a serious  hair genius. I’m way happier about it than I look in this picture… I’m really unsure why I look like that. Apparently, I can’t be bothered to smile when I’m taking a picture of myself to see what my hair looks like.

Anyway, don’t forget about me! I haven’t forgotten about you. Maybe some of you can give me some money, and then I’ll stay home and dedicate myself to yummy food and social networking.

I love you.

Kelsey May

GPOYW 4.20.2011

haha, wow.

don’t let this ruin your nap.

happy wednesday.

p.s. as i am posting this, i am simultaneously regretting it.

GPOWT 4.19.2011

true story: bunnies make a clicking sound by grinding their teeth, which is the equivalent to a cat purring or a dog wagging its tail.

they usually only make the clicking sound if you are scratching behind their ears in just the perfect spot.

Waffles clicks pretty much any time that we pet him, no matter where we pet him. but the other day, i noticed something i hadn’t noticed before:

i was sitting on the ground, a few feet away from Waffles, and he was looking at me, and i was singing whatever song was in my head. and he was clicking. making the happiest noise a rabbit can make.

so i stopped singing. and he stopped clicking.

and i started singing again, and he recommenced his clicking. looking right at me, clicking away as i sang under my breath.

i’m sorry, but how can you not be in love with a big floppy bunny that finds joy in the sound of your voice?

my heart’s full.

p.s. when i see this picture, all i can think about is when our friend Adam said, “oh look, he’s got a black side to his tail that he likes to show.”

nothing happening

Rockin’ the Suburbs

I haven’t been cooking anything fun at all.

I know you want to know why.

It’s because Luke and I are having a competition. We each have an allotted number of calories to eat each each day until the end of summer, and we have to keep track of each day that we cheat. At the end of summer, the one who had less cheat days gets $200 to spend on whatever they want, no questions asked.

When you’re married, you have to make sure it’s cool with your spouse before you spend money. Did you know that?

And counting calories really zaps the fun right out of cooking.

But as soon as I can get Luke to cheat, and get a few free days myself, I’ll make something yummy.

Until then, that picture of Waffles on the keys should tide you over.

Kelsey May

P.S. If anyone knows any really awesome, really low cal recipes… want to send them my way?

Love Birds Bridal Shower

Last weekend, I helped host a bridal shower for one of my old roommates, Allye. It was so fun! I have got the party throwing fever, now. All of the hostesses worked hard to get the party just right, and everyone did a wonderful job! I’m just going to focus on the dessert table:

Dani and I made these bird’s nest cupcakes. We used chocolate and french vanilla cake, topped with fluffy vanilla buttercream frosting, dipped them in toasted coconut, and finished them with Whoppers Malted Robyn’s Eggs.

And I also made white chocolate dipped Oreos. I kind of couldn’t stop eating them.

And these are the hostesses with the pretty bride! From left to right: Mindy, Julie, Allie, Allye, Amy, Allison, Dani, and me.

Now I get to start planning a bridal shower for my sister, Ashleigh. Wooo Hoo!

-Kelsey May

*All photos were stolen from Allye’s Facebook, but I’m pretty sure they were taken by Robyn Allison, the genius photographer. Correct me, either of you, if I’m wrong!

makes it all better

When I am done typing on my phone, I have a habit of trying to return to the home screen and put the phone to sleep at the same time, and I end up accidentally taking screen shots.

You have no idea how many screen shots I have in my phone photo album.

Today, this was my screen shot of a conversation with my co worker while she was on her way to work. Her response was, “oh yay!”

The moral is, it really doesn’t take much to make office workers happy. We like pastries. You’re upset, you think your morning is ruined, but wait… there are still pastries there? All Better!