One Year Bebe

Sunday was our one year anniversary. Talk about a milestone, baby! I kind of walked around in a state of euphoria all day. Without much planning or effort from us, our one year anniversary date turned out to be the best date we’ve ever been on. Want the rundown? Of course you do. And even if you don’t, I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading and re-reading it when my mind is too old to remember it on its own.

We slept in, then drove down to The Woodlands for our date. We had lunch at P.F. Chang’s, and our waiter was totally the nicest guy. He was so excited that it was our anniversary. He had just gotten engaged, so we spent a lot of time talking about his future wedding, and about what’s gotten us through our first year. After we were done with lunch, our waiter gave us mixed berries and champagne (which, incidentally, was Luke’s first sip of alcohol, on our wedding day). So sweet.

Traditonally, a first anniversary gift is supposed to be of paper, so we gave each other cash. I saved the cash that I had gotten for Christmas, and we split it between us and went shopping. Luke got fitted for his perfect golf clubs, and we both got some awesome clothes.

For dinner, we went to Papadeaux, which is where we went for my birthday and for his. We’re creatures of habit. Our waiter, again,  was SO nice, and was also happy for us on our anniversary. Honestly, I had not expected people to really care that it was our anniversary, but they totally do. We were having a lovely time, Luke eating his lobster bisque and I eating my beefsteak tomato salad (which Luke was SHOCKED did not have beef in it, ho ho ho), when the table next to us kind of erupted in drunken anger. Apparently, the girl next to us, who was definitely intoxicated, wasn’t happy with her crawfish. The guy with her asked her to be a little more quiet, and she burst into angry tears. Then she went to the bathroom, came back and SCREAMED, “F*** OFF! F*** OFF! IS THAT QUIET ENOUGH FOR YOU?!!?” And then spent the rest of dinner bawling. I’m sure it was horrible for that guy, but for us, it was just kind of mildly amusing and weird. Once they had gotten their ticket and left the restaurant, the manager came out to apologize to us. We weren’t upset at all, and we told him that, and he said that even so, he wanted to take care of our meal for us. Um, what?! I may have started crying and shaking his hand. ha. When your marriage is one year old, and you’re poor and using your Christmas money for gifts and food, and you have just completed what is for most people the most challenging year of your life together, stuff like that is truly awesome.

And as Luke loves to say, “Here’s to at least… I dunno, 3 more years.” 🙂

Love, Kelsey May


One response to “One Year Bebe

  1. One year down, 100 more years in Lufkin with Kevin and Katie, to go. I love you!!!

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