Explanation for my bad behavior, and GPOYW

Wow, that was an unplanned hiatus.

I had so many big plans, including dressing Waffles up for Easter and putting him in a basket with colored eggs.

I still might do that, because honestly it doesn’t really need to be Easter for that to happen, am I right?

I can’t even remember the last time I cooked. (Luke, I’m Sorry!)

I started a new job, one that I am LOVING! I’m so busy though, and exhausted at the end of the day. So as soon as I get into the routine of things, I will start posting more.

For now, I’ll give you this, even though it’s pretty stingy:

I had my hair colored blonde today by a serious  hair genius. I’m way happier about it than I look in this picture… I’m really unsure why I look like that. Apparently, I can’t be bothered to smile when I’m taking a picture of myself to see what my hair looks like.

Anyway, don’t forget about me! I haven’t forgotten about you. Maybe some of you can give me some money, and then I’ll stay home and dedicate myself to yummy food and social networking.

I love you.

Kelsey May


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