GPOWT 4.19.2011

true story: bunnies make a clicking sound by grinding their teeth, which is the equivalent to a cat purring or a dog wagging its tail.

they usually only make the clicking sound if you are scratching behind their ears in just the perfect spot.

Waffles clicks pretty much any time that we pet him, no matter where we pet him. but the other day, i noticed something i hadn’t noticed before:

i was sitting on the ground, a few feet away from Waffles, and he was looking at me, and i was singing whatever song was in my head. and he was clicking. making the happiest noise a rabbit can make.

so i stopped singing. and he stopped clicking.

and i started singing again, and he recommenced his clicking. looking right at me, clicking away as i sang under my breath.

i’m sorry, but how can you not be in love with a big floppy bunny that finds joy in the sound of your voice?

my heart’s full.

p.s. when i see this picture, all i can think about is when our friend Adam said, “oh look, he’s got a black side to his tail that he likes to show.”


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