nothing happening

Rockin’ the Suburbs

I haven’t been cooking anything fun at all.

I know you want to know why.

It’s because Luke and I are having a competition. We each have an allotted number of calories to eat each each day until the end of summer, and we have to keep track of each day that we cheat. At the end of summer, the one who had less cheat days gets $200 to spend on whatever they want, no questions asked.

When you’re married, you have to make sure it’s cool with your spouse before you spend money. Did you know that?

And counting calories really zaps the fun right out of cooking.

But as soon as I can get Luke to cheat, and get a few free days myself, I’ll make something yummy.

Until then, that picture of Waffles on the keys should tide you over.

Kelsey May

P.S. If anyone knows any really awesome, really low cal recipes… want to send them my way?


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