Things you haven’t seen before

Here are a few pictures I had on my phone that you haven’t seen before. They have no correlation with one another, and no real point on this post, besides the fact that I love showing you pictures.

Luke and me, at the rodeo last summer. Yeah, I’m at the rodeo, wearing purple converse low tops and reading The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I’m awesome.

This was taken while we were moving to East Texas. It’s one of my favorite drives in the state.

My niece put her dog’s head inside a zhuzue pet hamster ball. Don’t worry, she got it off.

Grainy picture of Katie, when we went to The Sound Of Music Sing-Along event and were the only people in the theater.

The shirt I made for the Bulldogs’ first basketball game. Woof

Did my hair ever really look like that? I do not even recognize myself.

Hottie playing his old guitar with a credit card because he didn’t have picks yet.

Erin at our grandparents’ house, gettin’ her work out on. Getcha Some!


This picture is so grainy but the moment was one of Waffles’ cutest. I covered him with a blanket on the couch, and he rolled over onto his side and closed his eyes. He is like a cartoon baby.

I did this a LOT when I first cut my hair, trying to decide whether or not I really liked it. After about 30 (seriously) of these, I have decided I like it.

He loves when I kiss the back of his head. Seriously.

1. My husband is cute
2. The way bunn’s legs are stretched out behind him makes me laugh EVERY TIME.

Woo hoo! Pictures!

Kelsey May


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