GPOWT 3.23.2011 {one day late}

Waffles, going crazy in a pile of clean laundry that he found on Luke’s leather chair.

I have a video, too, which is really funny because he was hopping from one spot to another as fast as he could, picking up pairs of skivvies in his mouth and throwing them in the air. I’m not exaggerating.

But I can’t show you the video, because in it, I am talking to Waffles in the most horrifying baby voice that I’ve ever heard, and I do still have a substantial enough amount of dignity not to share it with you. Maybe I’ll figure out how to mute it, and then you, too can experience Waffles’ joy in finding a pile of clean underwear.

New recipe will be posted later today. If you actually went home and made a large batch of butterscotch, I won’t leave you hanging.


One response to “GPOWT 3.23.2011 {one day late}

  1. i wanna see the video SOOO bad now.
    that was a mean trick.

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