I have an awesome salmon glaze recipe to share with you, but it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow.

So in preparation, you could go ahead and buy some salmon, or if yours is in the freezer, put it in the fridge to thaw. Just an idea, because I think you’re going to thank me for this glaze recipe.

Not that anyone cooks on Friday nights. Right? Everyone goes to Outback Steakhouse? Me too.

Also, since I’m leaving you hanging with no new recipes today, instead I will leave you with a commitment.

Readers, I hate analogies.

It all started in middle school, when adults around me used analogies to explain a point, especially a spiritual one. I listened and thought, “wow, that’s really cool that they can just make up stuff like that and say it’s just like something else that I actually know to be true.”

But as I grew older, I started to think… what the heck does this random illustration have to do with this other thing that I know to be true? Just because you say that something is JUST LIKE something else, doesn’t mean I have to believe you. Maybe just say something that’s true, and I’ll decide if I agree or not, but I don’t need to know if emotions are just like a pebble being dropped in a cup of thick oil. (an actual analogy that I just heard)

Last night, when I told Luke this, he said “but Kelsey…. analogies are just like brush strokes on a canvas. Individually, they mean nothing, but then they come together in one beautiful picture.”

Good One.

So my commitment to you is that I will NEVER use analogies on this blog. I’ll just tell you what I think something is, and you can decide “what it’s like” if you want.

How boring of a rant was this? Does anyone out there really respond well to analogies? Do they make sense to you? If someone tells you one, does it help you understand the point they are trying to make? I’m really asking.

See you tomorrow!
Kelsey May

PS I included a photo of Waffles The Bunny because he’s totally straightforward and never uses analogies in conversation. He pretty much just hops on me and sniffs around to see if I have a treat.


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