Waffles The Rabbit

As I mentioned before, for Christmas Luke surprised me by bringing home a baby bunny, and we named him Waffles.

Life in the E. Tex can get lonely, and on evenings when I am home by myself, we thought a pet would keep me company.

And I have found that this little bit of added love in my life has made me so much happier.

I also think there are some misconceptions about bunnies (because I definitely had them!), so I’ll go ahead and abolish them now.

I thought bunnies were a lot like guinea pigs and hamsters.  They’re not. They’re smart, friendly, playful, snuggly, and have tons of personality. I guess you could say they are more like cats than rodents, because they are actual loving companions.

When Waffles is excited, he shakes his head at me, hops around doing 180s in the air, and tries to get me to chase him by “tagging” me and then hopping away.

When he’s relaxed, he stretches out on the floor.

He loves to be scratched and pet, and he hops right over to me when I call him.

He also makes no noise, never bites, only goes to the bathroom in his cage, and keeps himself clean.

So, is anyone convinced yet?  I’m definitely a bunny convert.

He also likes Brussels Sprouts– a bunny after my own taste buds. 🙂

Kelsey May, Bunny Lover Extraordinaire.


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