Dream Journal: Luke The Superhero

Dear Dream Journal,

I realize that I have been neglecting you.  I think it’s because I don’t remember my dreams when I don’t get enough sleep, which lately has been every night.

Also, Harry Potter says in the Order of the Phoenix that he thinks dream journals are stupid, so it’s taking me a bit of courage to stand up to him like this.

But last night I finally had a worthwhile dream.

In the dream, there was an evil robot from outer space that came to earth disguised as a regular teenage boy.  He was beloved by all, and I actually lived in a foster home with him.  (We were both orphans?) But I knew the truth about him, and so did Luke.  And it just so happens that in my dream, Luke was a super hero, and traveled to outer space to fight and defeat the evil robot.  Then, there was a movie made about it, and the dream ended at the movie’s premiere.  And my husband was (and is) pretty dang awesome.

LYLAS, Dream Journal. BFFAE.




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