You Call Me a Mountain, and I Call You The Sea

One year ago today, on Sunday, January 17, I was surprised by my roommate, Allye, waking me up early for church.  This was confusing, because it’s a fairly well known fact that you don’t want to talk to me within the first 10-15 minutes of my day.  However, I was appeased by the steaming mug of coffee that Allye had in her hand, which she offered to me as she sat down on my bed.

I was still confused, but happily so, as I now had my drug of choice making its way into my veins.  Still, I couldn’t help asking,

“Allye, why are you in here?”

“I don’t know, I guess I was just ready for you to get up.”

“Oh, well okay I guess.  Want to hear about the dream I had last night?”


Allye nods, and I tell her in detail of whatever insane dream I had just woken up from.  However, she seems distracted, and interrupts me with

“Hey, I think Luke might be here.”

“What? Why? We’re meeting at church.  Why would he be here?”

“I don’t know, but, oh yeah I think I hear him at the door. Do you want to maybe um…. Put up your hair? And maybe you should put on some pants?”

So I listen about the hair thing, but of course not the pants thing.  Instead, I throw on my neon turquoise knee length robe, and start to leave my room to see why the heck Luke is showing up two hours early for church.

But then, I’m distracted by the trail of rose petals leading to the computer on the coffee table with the large sign on it that says “Push Play.” And then the slideshow of photos and videos depicting our relationship, played to “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds, with the message at the end saying, “Will You Make Me The Luckiest, Forever?”

And the “Ahem” from behind me, with Luke suddenly there on one knee, smiling like his life depended on it, asking “Will you marry me?”

And my roommates popping out from the hallway, screaming and laughing.

And wow, I can’t believe that was a year ago.

Does thinking about the day of your engagement ever get old?  If not, I just may have to re-tell this story every year, just to remember the feeling I am having right now, which is just like the feeling I had one year ago today.

And don’t worry, in four and a half months, you’ll get to sit through a retelling of my wedding day too.  I won’t hold out on you.




One response to “You Call Me a Mountain, and I Call You The Sea

  1. Such a fun morning! I’m glad I got to play apart in his super sweet proposal. I laughed reading it, thinking about how awkward I was. I’m glad you didn’t put on pants, it adds a special element to the story. 🙂 happy engagement anniversary!

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