The Good, The Bad, The Ridiculous


As most girls do, I have a very tight-knit relationship with my hair.

When I was little, my hair was so long that I constantly sat on it. I begged for a short hair cut, but my mom was too attached to it to cut it short.  I got my first real haircut in 5th grade, and that’s when the addiction began.

I can’t really think of a hairstyle that I haven’t had.  I give all the credit where it’s due, to my wonderful friend and amazing hair stylist, Shelby.  She’s the only reason my hair wasn’t a constant disaster.  When I let Shelby do what she wanted, people wanted to copy me.  There were, however, times that I sat in her chair, showed her a picture in a magazine, and would not budge against her wise protests. (To be clear: anything you see here that’s cute, is attributed to Shelby.  Anything you see that’s hideous, that was all me.)

I have let my hair grow for a few years now, longing for luxurious mermaid style locks.  I finally have them, and wow… there’s the itch. So today I’m having my hair cut with a new stylist (RIP glorious days of living in the Austin area) and I’m nervous. We’ll see if anyone else could possibly be as trustworthy and talented as Shelby.

Here’s a tribute to my hairy past: The Good, The Bad, and The Ridiculous:

Not sure how well you can tell, but my hair is pink. Hot Pink. Like the color of Sweet and Sour sauce. Yum.

(Side note: That’s also the summer that I wore a swim suit under my clothes every day, just in case there was an opportunity for swimming.)

Orange you glad you colored your hair at home, Kelsey?

A-ha. Finally figured out that if I let her, Shelby could right a myriad of wrongs.

And why WOULDN’T I go to London looking exactly like Elton John?

And this is where things start to get out of control.

Mmhmmm. See what I mean? Only Gwen Stefani can actually be… Gwen… Stefani.

Oh yeah, hey there, bangs-that-didn’t-work-for-you.

Not pictured, is 2 months later, when swimming every day with over-processed hair had turned my hair bright, neon green. Which brings us to the only way to cover up such horrifically green hair:

You must color it.  You must color it dark, and you must color it red, because it’s the opposite of pale and green.

And this, I believe, is when I learned my lesson. So  it’s gone from there, I have been careful to leave my hair alone and not make any blunders.

For good measure:

That’s the beautiful work that Shelby did for my wedding. 🙂

And here we are now, long and normal and naturally colored.

We’ll see what happens at noon today.  Is anyone else nervous?


EDIT: Love my new hair, wondering if I’ll ever grow it out again? I feel like short might be more flattering on my long, narrow face.


4 responses to “The Good, The Bad, The Ridiculous

  1. i love all your hair styles. can’t wait to see your new doo!

  2. I utterly enjoyed every part of this blog.

  3. I strangely liked the Gwen Stefani. But my favorite is now. It is the most flattering style yet. Of course, you are beautiful in all the styles and rainbow of colors!

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