Favorite Things

I can remember my favorite song from every year since I was in 2nd grade.  It’s not a very useful memory, except that I still love every song that I used to be obsessed with. If any of you are in the mood for a little trip down memory lane, I would be much obliged to assist you. 

2nd Grade: For some reason, I thought this song was sung by Amy Grant.  I have no idea why, except for the fact that Amy Grant was probably the only singer I had ever heard of. This band is the only band I know of that can use the exact same beat for all of their songs, and I can never get tired of it.

3rd Grade: I can distinctly remember watching this music video, lying on the bed at my friend’s house, and thinking that it was the best song I had ever heard.  And wondering if kissing underwater was even possible.

4th Grade: I still know every word to this song.  Did she ever have any other hit songs? It doesn’t matter… this one is good enough to pad her entire career.

5th Grade: I still claim this as my favorite song.  I have never, and will never get tired of listening to it.  And if I could only listen to one song on a deserted island… it would be this.

6th Grade: I used to leave my radio on with a blank tape in the tape recorder, just waiting for this song to come on so I could record it.  I had so many versions of this with the beginnings and end being talked over by a DJ.

Wow.  Okay, that’s probably enough for now.  But I do feel like I should leave you with a little something extra in case you’re mourning the end of October, and missing the Halloween spirit:

Happy Halloween

Yup, that adorable witch is me.  And the hottie Dracula is my hubz.

What were your favorite songs when you were little and didn’t know better? Do you still like them? Are they nostalgic for you?

Love you!

-Kelsey May


3 responses to “Favorite Things

  1. I can get behind all of your song choices, definitely, though I was more of a “Linger” girl myself. Not sure if that’s even in the same time period though 🙂

  2. I love your favs. It brought back great memories listening to all of them! I remember some favorites-I’ll post them sometime. 🙂

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