Confessions Part 2

Ok ok ok. I have taken an involuntary hiatus from everything I blog about. But I have excuses for each, and I hope you accept them.

Food- I was out of town for the weekend visiting some of my favorite people. No cooking allowed. Then, I had a sewing class all night, and then I had big plans for homemade soup and crackers for my sick husband, but he wanted to order in so we could relax together. (sweet, right? We watched Chuck, Glee, and the OC all night). So new recipe coming soon, scout’s honor!

30 day shred- I am ashamed to admit that I have tumbled off the bandwagon. I am still in shock from the fall, thus, feeling no pain. But I know soon it will hit me and the low body esteem will return. Then I will get back on. I promise.

Sewing- first of all, I like the term “fabric crafts.” Although I am making a dress, and not a cute, kitschy tree ornament or anything like that, I pick pocketed the term from Martha Stewart, so from now on, I am a fabric craftsman. No need to be politically correct. However, refer back to the food section and see that I have had no time to work on my fabric craft.

It will all happen this weekend, people. Not tonight though… I have plans 🙂

Kelsey May


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