Ms. Project Runway

Let me give a little bit of my history in fabric crafts.

My mom has always sewn (I say always, because existence began when I did… right?). She made my easter dresses, my prom dress, my formal dresses, etc. I thought it was awesome.

So eventually, I decided to pick it up with minimal instruction from my mom. Very ambitious. I started making lots of dresses with no lining, no zippers, and all raw edges. And ribbons for straps. I thought I could pull off half-baked as “cool.” So I had a lot of moments where straps popped off and holes ripped, all in public. And all the homemade gifts I made for my friends didn’t seem to be all that valuable (since they were mostly weird and not functional). Also, I got super busy with the whole boyfriend>fiance>husband thing.

So when my cool friend Katie told me that a local sewing shop was offering a class, I jumped on it. I have piles of unused fabric in the guest room, not to mention an awesome sewing machine that my mom bought for me.

Well, tonight we started our projects. I remembered about it today. So when everyone else brought in their patterns, supplies, and adorable fabric from the hip fabric shop in Nac, I had a folded up piece of gray jersey and a picture that I printed from the internet.

And I replaced my procrastination and disorganization with ambition. I would make my own pattern based on the picture! I would measure myself. And apparently, jersey is the most difficult fabric in the world to work with. I know this because of the huge deal that was made out of it.

“GirlFRIEND I can’t believe you came in here to make this complicated dress with no pattern and JERSEY!!!” (followed by lots of laughter, and stunned stares from my classmates)

Oh, and the whole class period, she called me “Ms. Project Runway.” I didn’t respond because I didn’t know if she was making fun of me or not.

Well, guess what? Three hours later, my teacher said, “You’re gonna do it, huh? You’re gonna make a believer out of me. You’re gonna make that dress out of that jersey knit. You’re gonna do it.”

We’ll see. If it’s good, I’ll post a picture. If it’s bad… you’ll never hear about this again.

-Santino Rice


One response to “Ms. Project Runway

  1. you. are. funny.
    I never responded because I didn’t know if she was making fun of me or not.
    we need to hang out soon!
    and I love you!

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